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Las Vegas garage door repair is not something which should be attempted by amateurs. Every year in this country, DIY accidents cause serious harm to thousands of people, and working on a garage door is a common reason for injury in the domestic setting. This is because repairing a garage door is actually more complicated than it first appears, and many of the mechanical parts can be dangerous to handle if you do not know what you are doing. This is why we always recommend avoiding trying to fix problems with your garage door in the Las Vegas area, and instead contact our Las Vegas garage door repair team, who can be with you within a few hours of your call.

Garage doors are designed to be particularly hard wearing, but sometimes it is the case that the doors become worn or damaged. This can result in them becoming misaligned with the tracks which are used to open them. When this occurs, the garage door can work itself loose, meaning that your door is hanging in the air by just one track, and is likely to drop to the ground causing more damage and possibly harming anyone nearby. In these situations, it is always best to contact someone immediately, and explain to them that you need a Las Vegas garage door repair team urgently.

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Fix Broken Garage Doors

The doors of the garage can also be damaged in a number of ways, particularly by strong winds or storms. There have been an increasing number of bad weather events, including hurricanes and twisters in recent years, and this has been very damaging to a number of garage doors. The poor weather, combined with weeks of very hot weather, can result in buckling to the doors, and sometimes splits or cracks appearing in the metal. This is caused by metal cooling and then warming up rapidly, and usually means that the door will have to be replaced.

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Garage doors can also conceal a complete failure of the mechanism behind it. One of the most serious faults which can develop from the lifting mechanism is the breaking of the garage door spring. These have to be very tightly coiled in order to lift the weight of the garage door, but when they crack or malfunction, this can leave you with a very dangerous, primed spring, which can suddenly shatter with the power of an explosive. Our specialist Las Vegas garage door repair team know exactly how to handle this type of problem, and can fix your door within a few hours.

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